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Cruising Alaska:
Coral Princess (Southbound, Whittier - Vancouver)

by Murray Lundberg

    Day 1: Whittier
    Days 2 & 3: Hubbard Glacier & Glacier Bay
    Day 4: Skagway
    Day 5: Juneau
    Day 6: Ketchikan
    Day 7 & 8: At Sea & Vancouver

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Wednesday, June 23: We docked at Juneau at 6:00am. The clouds were low, the rain coming down in buckets. I expected that a whole lot of people would be doing the same as me today - staying on board - and that is what happened. If it was my first or second time here I'd certainly put on my rain gear and head out, but my only plan here today was to go up Mt. Roberts for a hike, and when we docked that seemed unlikely to happen.

I was actually surprised at the number of people who did venture forth - pleased, but surprised as well. There were many extra activities organized for those who staye don board, though.

The highlight of the day was to be a presentation by Libby Riddles, the first woman to win the Iditarod sled dog race (in 1985). I got to the Universe Lounge half an hour early and picked a seat at the rear center of the main level, leaving the best seats for paying passengers.

I probably could have taken a much better seat, as the place was only 2/3 full when Libby came on stage. Her personal presentation was excellent, the video not so much but very interesting for folks Outside I'm sure.

I'd been wondering how much she gets paid to do these presentations for every Princess ship that docks, but once I saw her book sales, it's a safe bet that she doesn't get paid much, if anything. She's an excellent addition to the program and it's obviously working for her in any case.

As was the case on the last sailing, there was a meeting of folks from one of the online forums scheduled for 4pm today. On the last sailing nobody showed up - today only 1 other person did. Too bad, the group had a lot of fun on our Infinity sailing in May.

This is the Explorers Lounge all kitted out for the 4:30 "Under $500 Art Auction". There's nothing that I'd hang in my house (just not my style), but I should go to one of those auctions to see what the action is like.

Boarding the ship after getting off at a port is simple - show your Cruise Card a couple of times ...

... walk through a scanner and you're home

Whenever I visit Juneau, I wonder how large a lottery win it would take to buy the "Discovery" - I love those classic cruisers!

This photo, shot from the bridge as we sailed away at 4:00pm, was for my friend Marie in New Zealand - the ship on the left (the Ryndam) was the one that her relatives Susan and John were on at that moment. Small world

This old cannery wharf down Gastineau Channel was barely visible through the heavy rain.

As night fell, my fingers were crossed that the weather forecast for Ketchikan tomorrow, which showed light rain, would either be reasonably accurate or better yet pessimistic, as I had a Misty Fjords flight booked.

To Day 6: Ketchikan